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Poker Players Against Poverty

Poker Players Against Poverty


The Poker Players Against Poverty (PPAP) program will be a collective of current and rising stars in the poker community to support our fight against poverty. This support will be shown through financial support (i.e. 2% of a player's annual tournament winnings or an initial contribution), spreading awareness, and participating in one service event each year. Currently, we are looking to put together a Steering Committee of 6-10 of the top, up and coming poker players that represent the programs values and who will help drive the program. PPAP will not only serve as an excellent positive outlet for young, up and coming players but will allow these players to leave a legacy for themselves outside of the poker world through positive press, promotion, and goodwill.

A Good Idea and Poker Players Against Poverty have been named a 2011 recipient and partner of Poker Gives. The Poker Gives mission is to provide financial and humanitarian aid to mainstream charities through support from poker players and the poker industry.

Here is a list of our existing steering committee members.