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A Good Day (SF)

A Good Day (SF)


A Good Day events are large service events and celebrations that connect people in need with volunteers. A Good Idea’s first A Good Day event took place on December 13th, 2008 and brought together 75 members of the community who were homeless with over 100 volunteers for a day of celebrating the significant strides our guests had been making. We worked with our local hotel partner, Joie de Vivre, and with numerous local homeless shelters to identify the guests who would be attending, and the community played an instrumental role in the event as nearly everything from the day was donated.. The event provided an array of services and gifts from clothes, to massages, to haircuts and a gourmet meal. The event was a huge success and many people, guests and volunteers alike, walked away with their lives touched and changed in many ways. By the end of the event, during the big dance party, it was difficult to tell who was a guest and who was a volunteer.. Our 2010 A Good Day event took place in July and was a huge picnic/BBQ for the members of our community who are homeless. We provided clothes, music, summer games, and great food. Starting in 2011, A Good Idea will host four smaller A Good Day events for the homeless and children in need. We will also continue our one large scale event, similar to past A Good Day events.

A Good Idea is also always looking for new and creative A Good Day events to plan. If you could create one “good day” for anyone who would it be for and what would you do for them?