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Intentional Acts of Kindness (SF)

Intentional Acts of Kindness (SF)


Each quarter, A Good Idea hosts one of its more unique, events called Intentional Acts of Kindness. This event was the first event AGI ever hosted and has been the most written and talked about event to date for the organization. It’s simply what the name says…an event where people come together to do nice things for random people. Some of the acts have included handing out flowers to strangers, buying a person’s groceries, nice handwritten notes, and even stuff as simple as holding a door for someone.

Our goal is to change the way our society currently views connecting with strangers, to get people to realize how easy it is to do something totally selfless and kind for someone else, and to get people to pay-it-forward. We usually start in a crowded place such as a farmer’s market as it’s easier to create a buzz and in the past have done unique events at the end of the event to catch people’s attention. Some of these have included setting up a living room type setting for people to sit down and discuss ways they would change the world, a flash mob “freeze out” where people stood motionless for an hour while wearing t-shirts with hand-written positive messages, and more.

The Intentional Acts of Kindness events will be an AGI staple for a long time to come and we believe has the ability to spread rapidly throughout communities across the country.